What’s New In Minecraft 1.16 Survival

Confirmed additions in Minecraft 1.16

Minecraft 1.16 is the next projected major release of Minecraft. The following new items are confirmed in Minecraft 1.16:

The Nether Update

Minecraft 1.16 will be known as the Nether Update seeing a complete overhaul of this part of the world. Multiple new Biomes will be coming to the Nether with two confirmed to date:

Soul Sand Valley – a soul sand bedecked Biome punctuated with blue fog, blue fire, stalactite and fossils. Any fire set in this Biome will turn blue.

Netherwart Forest – this new Biome will come in two variants, red and blue. The red variant has a dense vegetation.

Piglins and Hoglins

Piglins will replace Pigmen entirely offering a completely new civilization that occupies the Nether. Piglins love gold and players will find chests with loot. If a Piglin sees a player open a chest they will attack. Piglins are also hostile to the player by default as well as the new Hoglin and Wither Skeletons.

If the player wears Gold Armor they will be able to approach Piglins where they can Barter (a variant of Trading). Exactly what these new Barter trades will offer is yet to be confirmed. The mechanism to Barter will also differ to that of Villagers.

The Hoglin was temporarily known as the the Piglin Beast, before Mojang asked the community to come up with a permanent new name. The Hoglin is hostile to the player and will offer a new Nether food source.

Food in the Nether

The first food source in the Nether comes via killing the Hoglin. Preview videos show the Hoglin dropping something that looked like a Pork Chop.

Mountain Biome

The Mountain Biome will be reworked in Minecraft 1.15 and will see: Goats, a new kind of snow and improved terrain generation that promises a “more majestic feel”.

Target block

A brand new Target block will be added to the game. This block emits different levels of Redstone power based on how close to the center of the target the player hits.