What’s New In Minecraft 1.15 Survival

Confirmed additions in Minecraft 1.15

Minecraft 1.15 is the next projected major release of Minecraft. The following new items are confirmed in Minecraft 1.15:


A new neutral mob that won’t attacked unless provoked. If a bee does attack and sting, it leaves its stinger behind and dies with no drops. Bees will help player crops grow and can be bred using flowers. A Bee will attempt to visit nearby flowers and when it does, it enters a pollinate state; if it then passes crops on its journey home it will help accelerate crop growth.

Bee Hives

Players will be able to find Bee Hives naturally in flower forests, plains, and sunflower plains. They can also be crafted by the player too. Bee Hives serve as the home for Bees and as Bees and as Bees visit nearby flowers, a level of Honey increases in the Hive, up to a max level of 5. Honey can be harvested by the player and consumed for food. Full Bee Hives can be harvest with sheers to generate Honeycomb

Attacking a nest will generate an angry Bee, that inflicts the poison effect on the player. One Bee Hive can be home to up to three Bees.

Honey Bottle

When consumed removes the poison effect and increases saturation and food levels. Honey Bottles can also be turned into Sugar.


Previously mentioned additions in Minecraft 1.15

These items were mentioned in the past but have yet to be formally confirmed as Minecraft 1.15 approaches.


The use of a new graphics library was originally planned for 1.14, but was eventually bumped. It was mentioned as a possible introduction in 1.15.

Savannah and Desert features

During MINECON Earth 2018 a number of features were previewed but have yet seen the light of day.

  • Palm trees
  • Baobab trees
  • Ostriches
  • Meerkats

Previous rumors about Minecraft 1.15

Another Combat Update

A few famous YouTubers have made statements around conversations with the Mojang team. Most notable, DocM via Twitter noted:

There will be a new grafics setting in Minecraft. There will be a “fancy” and “super fancy” setting. Also the combat system will get an overhaul. #MinecraftCreatorSummit2018

The Cave Update

In recent years we’ve seen the oceans updated, Villages and the wilderness update, and the End completely revamped with cities and Elytra. But what about the very core of the game, mining? This arguably hasn’t really seen a major updated in, well, forever! A Cave update could include:

  • New underground biomes
  • Different varieties of caves
  • New underground Mobs
  • New Ores and respective blocks and tools
  • New underground structures

The Nether Update

Or what about a major overhaul of the Nether? Previously Jeb spoke positively on the prospect of a new rare Nether gold ore, and unique behaviors for Pigmen related to it.

The Biome Update

The core Biomes of the game have been unchanged for the most part, for as long as we can remember. A major revamp of Biome generation – alongside the addition of many more – could breath a whole new life into the game. If you’ve spent any time playing with Biome Bundle, you’ll know just how exciting it can be to explore completely new lands. Just like playing the game as a new player all over again!