What’s New In Minecraft 1.14 Survival

Minecraft 1.14, AKA the Village And Pillage update is a major update for the game releasing on April 23rd 2019.  Here’s a list of all the major changes and updates to the game.



New for 1.14 is this hostile mob.  Pillagers have one thing in mind: the destruction of Villagers and their inhabitants!  Pillagers will spawn either as part of random patrols in the wild (close to Villages), as part of Village Raids or surrounding an Outpost – a large tower they call home (see below).

Pillagers are equipped with the new Crossbow weapon which has a small chance of dropping if killed.  Pillagers will automatically target and attack nearby players, Villagers and Iron Golems.  

Pillagers won’t attack each other but can engage other hostile mobs if damaged by them in error.  Pillagers can also ride the new Ravager mob into battle as well.






Jungle Pandas in Minecraft 1.14
Jungle Pandas in Minecraft 1.14

This cute new mob can be found in the new Bamboo Forest in Jungle biomes in 1.14. Panda are normally friendly to players but can have a range of personalities: weak, lazy, playful – not to mention – aggressive! Pandas seek and eat both Bamboo and Cake.

As well as the different personalities there are also two rare types to discover, a rare white, and rare brown Panda. Baby Pandas might sometimes sneeze with a small chance of dropping a Slime Ball in the process.


Villagers have undergone a complete revamp. Firstly, Villagers now have unique skins based the boom they generate in. The following Biomes support unique Villagers:

  • Plains
  • Desert
  • Jungle
  • Savanna
  • Swamp
  • Taiga
  • Tundra / Snowy Taiga

As of 1.14 not all Villagers will trade with the player. As well as the existing Nitwits (green coats) you will find unemployed Villagers (brown coats). Unemployed Villagers can change profession based on their environment though – e.g. a nearby Lectern will result in a Librarian!

Next up, not only are existing trades changed, but there are completely new types of Villagers like the Mason. A new interface is used to trade with Villagers and a green bar will show you the progress to unlocking the next tier of the Villager’s trade. When all trades are unlocked the green bar vanishes.

A couple of major changes to note:

  • Librarians now only offer one enchanted book trade. Further levels do not unlock additional book offers. This completely changes
  • The new Mason Villager will trade Stone and blocks like Diorite and Andesite making for some interesting trading/mining dynamics. They also sell Quartz reducing the need for huge Nether runs scouring for ore.

A few other random things about Villagers in 1.14:

  • Villagers won’t trade during a Raid
  • Villagers AI is improved. They will gather at midday and sleep at night
  • If you attack a Villager, you will find their prices increase!
  • Badges on their outfit describe their level
  • Cured Zombie Villagers will no longer reset their trades

Wandering Traders / Trader Llamas

Game World

Pillager Outpost 

This is the natural home of the Pillagers and can spawn in any Biome where you might find a  regular Village, always close to a nearby Village.  The Outpost is dominated by the central Watchtower, which will be surrounded by several Pillagers as standard.  You might also find other structures around the tower too.

If you can defeat the Outpost’s defenders you’ll find a chest on one of the upper levels of the Watchtower.  As well as randomly generated loot you’ll always find a Crossbow in the chest.


In Minecraft 1.14 Villages are being updated to be Biome specific.  That means each will look quite different based on the Biome you find it in.  Here are some screenshots of the newer Villages as they’re released into the game:

Seed -8161101096713154486
Ice Village in Minecraft 1.14
Savannah Village in Minecraft 1.14

Bamboo Forest

Zombie Village


As with any major update to the game, a number of new blocks have been added.  Here are all the new blocks:


Bamboo can be mainly found in the new Bamboo Forest in jungles where it will grow as high as 16 blocks. As well as food for Pandas, Bamboo can also be used to build the new Scaffolding feature, see below.


Barrels on Minecraft 1.14
Barrels on Minecraft 1.14
Barrel crafting recipe on Minecraft 1.14
Barrel crafting recipe on Minecraft 1.14
Barrel inventory on Minecraft 1.14
Barrel inventory on Minecraft 1.14

The Barrel is a new storage block that can be crafted with six planks and two wooden slabs as shown above. The storage is similar to that of a single Chest.

While Barrels can’t be combined for larger storage like Chests, Barrels can have blocks placed on top of them and still be opened; making them a perfect storage choice where space is limited!


Bells are found in the center of Villages. The main feature of the Bell is for use during Raids by Pillagers. When hitting the Bell, all Pillagers within 32 blocks of the Bell will glow, making them easier to hunt down.

Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace in Minecraft 1.14
Blast Furnace in Minecraft 1.14
Blast Furnace crafting recipe in Minecraft 1.14
Blast Furnace crafting recipe in Minecraft 1.14

The Blast Furnace is a new interactive block that can only smelt ores. It does so twice as fast as a regular Furnace but in turn only generates half as much XP.

The Blast Furnace can be created per the recipe above, three Smooth Stone, is Iron Ingots and one regular Furnace.


The Campfire will generate naturally in Taiga Villages and can also be created. The Campfire can be used to cook up to four dood items at once but is much slower than a furnace.

The Campfire gives off a light level 15 brightness, damages if walked upon and also be extinguished with water buckets or bottles.

Cartography Table

Can be used to modify maps and also is used to give the cartography profession to Villagers.


This block gives the farming profession to Villagers. The Composter can also be used to create fertilizer simply add plants to the Composter repeatedly to generate bone meal.

Fletching Table

This block gives the fletcher profession to Villagers.


This block gives the weapon smith profession to Villagers.


The Lectern allows several players to all read the same Book at the same time by placing it in the Lectern.  The Lectern generates in certain Villages. This block also gives the librarian profession to Villagers.  


Lanterns provide a welcome new light source in the game for players. You can find them in the world naturally generated in Villages and can craft them using 8 Iron Nuggets surrounding a Torch in the center.

Lanterns can either be placed on top of a block or hang down under a block.  They emit a light level of 15 compared to the 14 of a Torch.  


This block gives the shepherd profession to Villagers. The Loom can also be used to easier apply designs to Banners.


Builders will rejoice at no longer having to use masses of ugly dirt to work on big construction projects. Scaffolding can now be built out of the new Bamboo block to quickly throw up temporary ways to work on projects.

Bamboo structures can be quickly felled by removing the bottom block.


With the block limit being removed in 1.13, many long awaited updates to existing blocks have finally been implemented. You will know find signs in all wood variants: oak, dark oak, acacia, birch, spruce and jungle woods.

Slabs and stairs

Likewise, a whole slew of slabs and stairs have been added in this update, again a huge plus for builders. The following new slabs and stairs have been added in 1.14:

  • andesite
  • diorite
  • end stone brick
  • granite
  • cut sandstone
  • mossy stone brick
  • mossy cobblestone
  • polished andesite
  • polished diorite
  • polished granite
  • red nether brick
  • smooth red sandstone
  • cut red sandstone
  • smooth quartz
  • stone
  • smooth sandstone

Smithing Table

This block gives the tool smith profession to Villagers.


This block gives the butcher profession to Villagers. Smokers will cook food twice as fast as a furnace but in turn, only give half as much XP. Smokers will only cook food.


This block gives the mason profession to Villagers. The Stoncutter can be used to craft different type of Stone too.

Sweet Berry Bushes

A new type of food found in a variety of Biomes. Fully grown bushes will drop 2-3 berries when harvested.


Lastly, another massive boost for builders is the expansion of available Wall types. The following new Wall types are now available:

  • andesite
  • brick
  • diorite
  • end stone brick
  • granite
  • mossy stone brick
  • nether brick
  • prismarine
  • red nether brick
  • red sandstone
  • stone brick
  • sandstone



A new ranged weapon that can be crafted as well as found on Pillagers. The Crossbow takes longer to charge than a bow, but also has more range. One added benefit is that the charge can be saved in the inventory for use later instantly.

The Crossbow can be enchanted with several new Enchantments:

  • Multishot – fires three arrows in different directions
  • Quick charge – improves reloading speed speed, has three tiers
  • Piercing – arrows pierce through mobs, has four tiers, can’t be used with Multishot



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