Useful Minecraft Resources


Amidst seed generation tool

Amidst is the best tool around for generating Minecraft seeds.  Amidst is a tool that you can run on your local computer (PC, Mc, Linux) without ever needing to open up your Minecraft launcher.  From within the Amidst tool you can generate new seeds over and over in just seconds.

Amidst displays Biomes and Structures as seen in the picture above.  Amidst will show you all the following Structures as standard on the map:

  • Slime chunks
  • Strongholds
  • VIllages
  • Desert Temples
  • Witch Huts
  • Mineshafts
  • Ocean Monuments
  • Woodland Mansions
  • Ocean Ruins
  • Shipwrecks
  • Nether Fortresses

Amidst lists so much data it can be a little overwhelming, so the program lets you select what Structures you want to see on the map, just want to see Villages? No problem at all.

Amidst is also actively updated so you can rely on it to work with newer versions of the game; you might need to wait a few weeks after a new release of Minecraft for them to catchup though.   The only caveat is that Amidst requires you have the Java JDK installed on your machine as well.

MineAtlas is a web based tool that functions much like Amidst.  Sadly the tool only supports Minecraft Java edition 1.8/1.9 reliably.  In following versions of the game, world generation slowly started to change, making MineAtlas a little unreliable at times.

That said, MineAtlas can still be a great tool as a starting point for generating seeds – especially if you can’t install Admist/JDK for any reason. While world generation changed, some of the basic terrain gen remains the same, so you can still use MineAtlas.

At any rate, MineAtlas will help you generate random new seeds over and over, right from the convenience of your web browser.  Moreover, the generation is super fast.  All it takes is one click and a around one second to generate a new seed; if you find something that looks fun you can go and test that in the game proper.


Ever wonder how those talented builders manage to make those geometrically exact builds? Elegant spheres and block perfect torus shapes? This is where Plotz comes in handy.

Using this web based tool you simply select the shape you’re trying to build, and dial in the dimensions. From there, Plotz will give you the blueprints – layer by layer – to build the shape in your Minecraft world.