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Quad witch hut seeds in Minecraft 1.13

Quad witch huts in Minecraft 1.13
Quad witch huts in Minecraft 1.13- seed 423338365327502521

One of the most popular seed requests for technical players are seeds with quad witch huts; that being four witch huts within activatable range of the player in a suitable AFK spot. These impressive builds can generate tens and tens of thousands of drops by harnessing vanilla game mechanics of Witch spawning. The result – almost unlimited gunpowder. Well, that and redstone, bottles, sugar, glasses and sticks too.

With the update to Minecraft 1.13 though, the game’s built in random number generator has changed. This coupled with the update of the biome generator means that all previous quad witch hut calculators are now inaccurate. Never fear though, today u/captainfwiffo linked to an updated Github project with all the details you need to get going in Minecraft 1.13. Bow we’re into the pre release versions 1.13, it’s probable terrain generation is fixed now.

17451728208755585 seed in Minecraft 1.13 with four witch huts
17451728208755585 seed in Minecraft 1.13 with four witch huts

If you don’t have the technical smarts – or just the time – to get to grips with the Github code, captainfwiffo provides the following working seeds. Each of these Minecraft 1.13 seeds has a quad witch hut location that you can use to build the Witch farm of your dreams.

X -60 , Z -60

X 950 , Z 950

X 1470 , Z 440

X 1352 , Z 352

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