How to install Biome Bundle for Spigot

Biome Bundle example terrain 5
Biome Bundle example terrain 5

First things first you’ll need to get your Spigot server online. Check out our tutorial for installing Spigot on an OVH VPS; the OVH SSD VPS tier three can run Biome Bundle for a small group of players more than fine.

Note: Biome Bundle based worlds tend to place heavier demand on your server than vanilla worlds. It’s recommended you assign your server more than 2GB RAM for a smooth experience.

Setting up Open Terrain Generator

Before we begin it’s worth pointing out that changing your game’s terrain generation is a massive change. It’s not advisable to do this to an existing world, in fact my instructions below assume you’re wanting to start a world. While you can add Biome Bundle generation to existing worlds, that’s beyond the scope of this tutorial. I’ll just be going over how to make a Biome Bundle world for Spigot from scratch.

Right, let’s get started. First we’re going is to setup Open Terrain Generator (OTG) on your server. OTG takes over the task of generating new chunks from Spigot. In turn you can then tell OTG to use any world preset you like – Biome Bundle being our goal here. OTG is written by the same team behind Biome Bundle, so the experience is quite smooth.

You can grab the OTG files at You will need to then upload the OTG JAR file to your servers plugin directory.

Next stop your server. Upload OTG to your plugins directory and start the server again. This will create the “OpenTerrainGenerator” directory within your plugins directory.

Setting up Biome Bundle

Next, grab the version of Biome Bundle that matches your version of OTG from: For example if you installed OTG for Minecraft 1.12.2, you’ll want to get the version of Biome Bundle for 1.12.2 as well.

Once you’ve download the Biome Bundle JAR, we need to extract the world files from it. I find just renaming the download as a .zip file then opening makes this easy enough. Inside the zip navigate to the assets/worldpacker/ directory and you will see the Biome Bundle directory. You need to upload this to the


directory on your Spigot server. You might find it takes quite some time to upload as Biome Bundle is comprised of more than 3,000 small files. Even with today’s crazy fast Internet speeds, when you transfer a lot of small files, it just takes time to process. I’d count on around 30minutes or so for this part of the process. If you’re technically adept you can of course just upload the JAR to the server, rename it to a ZIP and extract the files, but we’re trying to keep this relatively simple for the most part…

Configuring OTG

With all the Biome Bundle files uploaded, navigate back up to your main Spigot directory and open up the file for editing. In this file we’re looking for the line that says:


You will need to update this to:

level-name=Biome Bundle

Once you’ve done that save and exit the file. From there we have one last change to make. In the same directory open up the bukkit.yml file and add the following code to the end of the file. You need to add this exactly as written, not enough or too many spaces and the configuration will fail:

Biome Bundle:
generator: OpenTerrainGenerator

The above instructs Spigot to go ahead and use the OTG plugin to generate your world and use the Biome Bundle preset therein. And that’s it! All you have to do now is restart your server for the changes to come into effect. As of the latest Biome Bundle releases you don’t need to delete your existing world, world_nether and world_the_end directories if you have an existing world – Biome Bundle/OTG creates its own separated directories for the world data.

When you server restarts you should see the following in the console indicating a successful loading of OTG and Biome Bundle:

Biome Bundle successfully loading up
Biome Bundle successfully loading up

Note how it says 444 biomes have been loaded up? If you’re not seeing 100s listed then something has gone wrong. As of Biome Bundle version 6.1 there are 444 biomes included in the preset, with 100s and 100s of associated structures to find.

If you want to check out Biome Bundle for yourself, head on over to the following IP address. This is our current Biome Bundle test world. Feel free to join and explore the world:

Biome Bundle example terrain

Here are a few examples of terrain I found with minutes of setting up Biome Bundle. There are hundreds and hundreds of biomes and structures to discover:

Biome Bundle example terrain 1
Biome Bundle example terrain 1
Biome Bundle example terrain 2
Biome Bundle example terrain 2
Biome Bundle example terrain 3
Biome Bundle example terrain 3
Biome Bundle example terrain 4
Biome Bundle example terrain 4
Biome Bundle example terrain 5
Biome Bundle example terrain 5
Biome Bundle example terrain 6
Biome Bundle example terrain 6
Biome Bundle example terrain 7
Biome Bundle example terrain 7
Biome Bundle example terrain 8
Biome Bundle example terrain 8

Common Biome Bundle questions

How do ores generate in Biome Bundle

As of version 6.1 ores now generate in standard vanilla fashion. The exception is emerald ore, which can generate in any biome. In older versions of Biome Bundle ore generation was radically different to vanilla, encouraging users to explore worlds. For instance players could find diamonds at the surface level with enough exploration. The plugin authors reverted to vanilla generation due to popular demand. The configuration files of each biome still allow for players to customize ore generation however they like though.

Will my Minecraft seed work in Biome Bundle

No. If you have an existing world seed from vanilla generation, don’t expect that to work in Biome Bundle.

Do my players need to install any software for Biome Bundle on Spigot

No! That’s the great thing about running Biome Bundle on Spigot. This version uses standard blocks so your end players don’t need to run any mods like forge. They can simply connect to your SMP server like any other. This does mean some of the unique blocks like colored leaves and such aren’t available in this version, but as you can see from the screenshots above, it’s still very very engaging!

What about vanilla structures in Biome Bundle

As of the latest version 6+ releases you will find all the regular vanilla structures among the new biomes. Indeed you can still use the locate command to find Strongholds and Mansions.

Handy references for Biome Bundle and OTG

Biome Bundle Reddit

Biome Bundle website

Biome Bundle and OTG Discord

OTG Reddit


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