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Minecraft 1.14 – The Blockalypse?

As the release of Minecraft 1.13 draws ever closer, rumors about Minecraft 1.14 are of course inevitable. Yesterday on Twitter , Dinnerbone happily teased a major one himself: For some reason it was cut out of the @MineVention panel video…

Minecraft 1.13 snapshot 18W07A

Turtles have officially landed! In today’s Minecraft snapshot release 18W07A, the following major updates from the Update Aquatic are all now ready to play. As ever, expect bugs and some of these features to be iterated and improved on before…

Minecraft 1.13 and 1.14 – latest news

Announced this week, a fairly big change to release schedule of both Minecraft 1.13 and 1.14; more specifically everything planned for 1.14 is now being blended into a major 1.13 update. That means the planned technical release of 1.13 and…

MINECON Earth 2017 reveal – The Update Aquatic

I’ll save you the hassle of skipping through the whole three hour video, and a very confused and awkward Will Arnett (“thats so cool” coming out more than a few times, presumably instead of “why the heck am I here”)….