Minecraft 1.14 - Village And Pillage (Mojang)

Minecraft 1.14 reveal: Village And Pillage

Today’s MINECON Earth streaming event pulled back the curtain on what we can expect form the next version of the game – 1.14. You can expect 1.14 to be released in early 2019. Jeb and Agnes ran through the following new features that will be coming in this version of Minecraft: * The update will […]

MINECON Earth 2018 (Mojang)

Minecraft 1.14 Biome update previews

Over the last few days Mojang have started to tease this weekend’s global event – MINECON Earth. As its centerpiece, the September 29th streaming show will invite players to vote on what Biome they’d like to see updated next in the game. Through a series of three videos, Mojang’s Jeb and LadyAgnes detailed three possible […]

Biome vote coming in MINECON Earth (Mojang)

Minecraft 1.14 updates sneak peek

This week saw the first official announcement of what we can expect to see in Minecraft 1.14 – Biome updates. Appearing on the official Mojang twitter feed was this video: Let's change the world! During the MINECON Earth livestream on September 29, vote LIVE and help us pick the next biome we update with new […]

MINECON Earth logo

MINECON Earth 2018

This just in – the announcement for the second annual MINECON Earth event. The 2018 edition will take place on September 29th this year – go ahead and mark that in your diaries now. At this time so far out, details are of course thin on the ground, but here’s the official link and the […]

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Minecraft 1.13 and 1.14 – latest news

Announced this week, a fairly big change to release schedule of both Minecraft 1.13 and 1.14; more specifically everything planned for 1.14 is now being blended into a major 1.13 update. That means the planned technical release of 1.13 and the Update Aquatic release planned for 1.14 will all now be released together in the […]

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No impending off hand changes coming

Been paying attention to the community these past 48 hours? Freaking out about possible changes to how offhand works in the Java edition? Well, its not happening, at least not for the time being. Let’s just underscore that – NO CHANGES – relating to off hand are coming in the forthcoming Update Aquatic. Here’s Jeb’s […]

MINECON Earth logo

MINECON Earth 2017 reveal – The Update Aquatic

I’ll save you the hassle of skipping through the whole three hour video, and a very confused and awkward Will Arnett (“thats so cool” coming out more than a few times, presumably instead of “why the heck am I here”). The bit you’re interested in is 2:19:15 -> 2:34:20; that’s when Jens Bergensten, aka Jeb, […]

Possible new Minecraft Mob. Credit, Mojang.

New Minecraft mobs – only one will survive

Update: the winning mob was announced at the recent MINECON Earth event. As first mentioned by Jeb at the start of the month, during MINECON earth, players will get the chance to vote for a new mob to be added to the game. Of the four available options only one will make it into the […]

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Jeb confirms new combat rebalancing coming soon

Even more incendiary than the current horse-gate controversey is the ongoing hand-wringing over PVP mechanics which have changed substantially over the past few years. Possibly adding more fuel to the fire then, these recent comments by Jeb There will be new features that affect combat, yes. Watch the announcement during Minecon next week 😉 The […]

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New shield blocking feature coming?

We all know how the Minecraft rumor mill likes to go into over drive; even on the smallest soundbite from one of the devs. With that in mind, and an effort to clear up a previous comment, Jeb today shed light on a possible new combat feature the team are interested in testing: Before this […]