Mine Guide Server


Our little part of the Minecraft universe is a largely vanilla experience; however you’ll find a few little tweaks to hopefully make your survival experience feel as fresh as the very day you bought the game. No matter how many years you’ve played.

Primarily we run Biome Bundle which completely changes how the world generates. This means you’ll get to explore and discover more than 440+ unique biomes, more than 10X more than in the vanilla game. Additional there are 1000s of unique structures to discover, everything from shipwrecks and unique cave systems through abandoned castles and underground complexes. You’ll also find several other surprises in the world as you explore, keep your eyes peeled.

You don’t need to do install anything on your computer either. You can join the server with the regular version of the game at the following address: play.mine.guide


We have only a few simple rules. Most revolve around the same point, don’t be an asshole:

* No hacking or cheating
* No spam
* Be excellent to one another

Otherwise, as you were.


Teleport to the main server spawn point.

Set your own spawn point.

Teleport to your spawn point.

/tpa [player name]
Ask another player if you can teleport to their location. /tpaccept and /tpdeny are used to approve and deny requests.


* Griefing and raiding are allowed, as such it’s best to build your base far from spawn.

* We have no AFK time out, but players causing excessive lag will be kicked.

* The world map size is unlimited.

* There are no current plans to reset the map.

Biome Bundle example terrain 5
Biome Bundle example terrain 5
Biome Bundle example terrain 6
Biome Bundle example terrain 6
Biome Bundle example terrain 7
Biome Bundle example terrain 7