Minecraft Woodland Mansion seeds


If you you’ve ever walked tens of thousands of blocks to find a Woodland Mansion, you’ll know first hand how rare these impressive structures are.  The following seeds all offer easy access to Mansions.

All the seeds listed here have a Mansion within 1000 blocks of spawn. We’re hoping to find one with the Mansion right at spawn ASAP!

Seed: 8509829594887706577

This isn’t quite at spawn but it’s close! You’ll need to head just a couple hundred blocks South/South East to find this amazing spot. You’ll find a Mansion, a Village intersected by a ravine and a huge Jungle with Bamboo all in one spot!

The location in the picture is X 163 Z 558. Credit goes to /u/TelepathicGrunt for discovering this fantastic location.

Seed: 3421620246365499687

Seed 3421620246365499687 X-363 Z412

Not only is this Mansion a mere 799 blocks from spawn, but you’ll also find this decently sized Plains Village right on the doorstep too.  The Mansion is located at X-363 Z412, roughly South of spawn.


  1. I couldn’t find the location in the first seed which is really disappointing, did I type the coordinates wrong? All I found at this location was a witch in a swamp


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