Minecraft Village seeds


Seed: -8337235562809889622

This seed spawns the player practically right inside a large Plains Village.  

Seed: 4184075330655324079

How about somewhere warmer? This seed starts your adventure right on the edge of a Desert Village with a Savannah in the distance.

Seed: 1116837734288061943

Just ever so slightly West of spawn is this double Savannah Village separated by a river.

Seed: 982423463

This 1.14 seed was discovered by /u/TelepathicGrunt and offers a very fun starting location. Twin Villages are essentially back to back, but beware, that’s a Pillager Outpost real close too!

Seed: -2100170155714511708

This Plains Village site son the edge of a Desert, Swamp, Savannah and Sunflower Plains.  The player spawns right inside the Village.   Head a few 100 blocks North through the Desert and you’ll find another larger Village as well.

Seed: 3028847845970692203

Just South of Spawn you will find these two Villages separated by the edge of a large Desert.  Turn around and head East and you’ll also find a Savannah Village. If you’re playing in Minecraft 1.14, watch out for the nearby Pillager Outpost too!

Seed: -2345185055646696688

If you’re playing in Minecraft 1.14 head just quickly North of spawn and you will find this chilly Village.

Seed: 3484836929

In this unusual seed you’ll spawn right on the edge of this Savannah Village that spills over onto a Forest Biome for unique look and feel.  Past the Village into warm ocean you’ll also find a Coral Reef too.  Credit to /u/LordOryx for this seed who also details more of its fun elements here.


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