Minecraft Jungle seeds

Jungle Pandas in Minecraft 1.14
Jungle Pandas in Minecraft 1.14

Jungles are one of the rarest Biomes in the Minecraft world.  The densely forested Jungle canopy offers great risk and reward.  The tall trees and thick plant life makes traveling the terrain a tough experience, not to mention all those shadows means more mobs during the day!

For brave adventurers though, there’s much to discover in the Jungle.   As of Minecraft 1.14 players can find the extremely useful Bamboo, and where there’s Bamboo – there’s Pandas too! Also found in Jungles: melons, cocoa pods, parrots, ocelots, Jungle wood/trees and the rare Jungle Pyramid structure – beware the traps!

To save you trekking for miles and hours, here are some fun Java edition seeds that spawn you rightly Jungle Biomes:

Seed: -3714373110579287950

Seed: -5541359023057399075

Seed -5541359023057399075

Seed: -6256788140440562053

Seed: 1802421724877361467

Seed: -3535799460115512677

Seed: 4400491126885339323

Even more Jungle seeds

We just haven’t had time to take screenshots of these yet

Seed: -8854930008731840462

Seed: -3956625888232824196

Seed: 1727961359721314327

Seed: 824964021851048941

Seed: -4833914953491754289.  Contains five Jungle Temples, can you find them all?


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