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Minecraft 1.13 seeds with all Biomes

Spawn at seed 600000222763165
Spawn at seed 600000222763165


This perfect seed for Minecraft 1.13 was found by u/Zodsmar. This amazing seed places every Biome within 1K of spawn! Here’s a shot from Amidst by Zodsmar showing the immediate 1K around spawn:

Seed 600000222763165
Seed 600000222763165

If you’re looking for Structures, here are the most immediate to spawn:

Structure X coord Z coord Blocks from spawn
Mineshaft 80 128 70
Village 192 352 262
Jungle Pyramid 240 -272 483
Ocean Ruin -672 -448 916
Desert Pyramid 752 -448 952
Igloo -880 832 1121
Monument -1312 -672 1565
Stronghold -1896 -200 1945
Swamp Hut 2176 -1504 2724
Mansion 4112 5360 6621

If that doesn’t quite work, what about…

Seed 8949426883350950699
Seed 8949426883350950699


Another seed by u/Zodsmar. This one is almost the holy grail of Minecraft seeds – every Biome within easy access of spawn, 8949426883350950699 seed from Amidst, credit Zodsmar 8949426883350950699 seed from Amidst, credit Zodsmar[/caption]

As you should be able to see from the picture at the to of the page, immediately opposite the small spawn island are three Ocean Temples! I am not sure if they’re close enough to function as a triple Guardian farm design, bu they’re sure close! As well as that you will find multiple Shipwrecks and Ocean Ruins right next to Spawn as well. Plenty to get you started on your travels! Here are the coords for some other interesting items:

Structure X coord Z coord Blocks from spawn
Ocean Ruin 0 48 84
Mineshaft 32 224 97
Monument 96 224 132
Monument -288 272
Monument -320 544
Jungle Pyramid -704 -144 757
Desert Pyramid 0 1280 1148
Village 864 1136 1323
Stronghold 1272 776 1424
Igloo -1504 1360 1942

Sadly there is no Woodland Mansion or Swamp Hut within the 2K range from spawn. The hunt for the perfect seed continues, but you can find those as follows on this seed:

Structure X coord Z coord Blocks from spawn
Swamp Hut -3040 -704 3153
Woodland Mansion -7264 2128 7604
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