Best seeds for Minecraft 1.15

Seed -5418298737407645452
Seed -5418298737407645452

Minecraft 1.15 is a new minor release expected late 2019. The game will bring several new features including Bees, Bee Hives, Honeycomb, Honey Bottles, Honey Blocks The following Minecraft 1.15 seeds were tested as of Snapshot 19W41A.

Right into the fray

Seed -8462463861356023791
Seed -8462463861356023791

Seed: -8462463861356023791

Jump right into the action with this Pillager Outpost immediately adjacent to the spawn point. You’ll need to think and act fast as your immediate spawn point is surrounded by soaring Mountains, making for a tricky layout.

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Seaside seclusion

Seed -5418298737407645452
Seed -5418298737407645452

Seed: -5418298737407645452

This modest Village occupies almost half of a small Island, a perfect retreat for a quiet life. The Island sports a soaring hillside that would make a great location to build an impressive manor house looking down over the Villagers below.

Handy Desert Start

Seed -1152175153912941609
Seed -1152175153912941609

Seed: -1152175153912941609

You’ll find a Desert Temple and Desert Village immediately South of spawn in this sandy seed. There’s also a massive Badlands full of Gold to the South as well!

Instant Village To Call Home

Seed 7534676290343315407
Seed 7534676290343315407

Seed: 7534676290343315407

With spawn placed directly in this moderately sized plains Village, you’ll have somewhere to call home right from day one. When you’re ready to venture out the spawn area is surrounded by a number of Desert Temples loaded with loot.

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Massive Jungle

Seed -3078026316888070762
Seed -3078026316888070762

Seed: -3078026316888070762

Starting in the middle of a sprawling jungle you’ll find yourself spawning in on the edge of this lagoon. Just opposite your start point a nearby Jungle Temple. The Jungle has four Temples in total to discover too!

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Survival Island


Seed: 7017203538781844708

Those looking for a challenge will enjoy this humble survival Island as their starting point. With just a handful of trees and no wildlife to speak off, you’ll need to fish the seas to keep your hunger topped off in the early days!

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Cool Cove

Seed 4667075111005677769
Seed 4667075111005677769

Seed: 4667075111005677769

In the above seed you’ll start just next to the Desert Temple at the bottom of the picture. Head North and you’ll find an extensive Desert Village and beyond that, a gently rising Savannah Plateau that looks down on the village and a cool cove on the sea. A perfect elevated base building location!

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Gold For Days!

Seed 1821615419992292778
Seed 1821615419992292778

Seed: 1821615419992292778

If you love the Gold rich Mines of the Badlands Biome, not to mention the bounty of Terracotta and Red Sand – check out this Biome.

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Brr, It’s Cold Outside

Seed 3149278059980276934
Seed 3149278059980276934

Seed: 3149278059980276934

For those who like cooler temps, this snowy seed is the perfect Winter wonderland. Check out the Taiga Villa just North of spawn.

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Mega Taiga

Seed 7884621010794788664
Seed 7884621010794788664

Seed: 7884621010794788664

The Mega Taiga is a semi-rare Biome home to the unique Podzol block, copious amounts of Spruce wood and plenty of overland Mossy Cobble. In this seed you’ll start right on the end of this sprawling cold forest.

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Ocean Temple At Spawn

Seed -3619351824246593494
Seed -3619351824246593494

Seed: -3619351824246593494

Located just West of spawn is this Ocean Temple, perfect for those builders looking for this Structure easily within reach and range of the spawn chunks.

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