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Seed 0707070878789774444 - pillagers

Best seeds for Minecraft 1.14

Minecraft 1.14 AKA The Village And Pillage update is expected to come to Java by early 2019, and with it, a raft of new and cool game elements.

If you’re looking to get to grips with the latest Minecraft features and fun, during the Snapshot phase of release, here are some cool seeds to get you started.  

Seed: -3714373110579287950

Want to get your hands on some Bamboo real quick? Looking to find some Pandas ASAP?  This seed has you set.  Starting on a small Island you need to head just a few blocks to the East, across the above cove, to land in this huge Bamboo Jungle.

Seed: 4400491126885339323

This is another great seed if you’re looking for Bamboo and Pandas in 1.14.  The spawn is roughly in the center of the picture thick Jungle growth.  To the south you’ll find a large Bamboo thicket and to the North you’ll find a Plains Village.  A Jungle Pyramid is hidden to the side of the Bamboo.

Seed: 0707070878789774444

Seed 0707070878789774444

This seed offers a way to check out the new Pillagers in Minecraft 1.14 quickly.  Just head slightly North of spawn, no more than a 100 blocks and you’ll find this Pillager base; ably staffed by plenty of Pillagers to test your skills against.

Seed: 6731966723596211314

What’s better than one Outpost? Two of course!  In the above world the player spawns centrally in the Forest area – with Pillager Outposts immediately to the North and South.

Additionally four Villages and a Desert Temple circle the immediate spawn area too!  You’ll find two Villages and the Temple in the Desert to the East, one Village in the Southern Savannah with yet another in the Northwesterly  Desert!

Seed: 8509829594887706577

This isn’t quite at spawn but it’s close! You’ll need to head just a couple hundred blocks South/South East to find this amazing spot. You’ll find a Mansion, a Village intersected by a ravine and a huge Jungle with Bamboo all in one spot!

The location in the picture is X 163 Z 558. Credit goes to /u/TelepathicGrunt for discovering this fantastic location.

Seed: gfghew4502983ru

You’ll need to act fast if you load up this seed.  Slightly North West of spawn (image above left) you’ll see a tranquil peaceful town of villagers tending to their crops.  But wait, what’s that to the North East (image above right).  Yep, that’s a Pillager Outpost.

Can you head over to the Village and secure the Villagers peaceful way of life, before an Illager patrol stops by?

Seed: 1116837734288061943

Here’s another Pillager Outpost close to a Village that needs your help, this time a Savannah Village.  In fact, the Villagers of this world need twice the help, just out of sight in the image above is a second Savannah Village.  With the Villages secured you’ll also find a Desert Temple to the South of the second Village.

Seed: 1008050112

Seed 1008050112

Not quite hard enough for you? What about this seed found by /u/gravelghost. This seed sees the player start directly next to a fully staffed Pillager Outpost.  Look past the Outpost into the distance and you’ll see a Village that needs your immediate assistance to defend.

Seed: -8161101096713154486

Seed -8161101096713154486

Check out the fantastic new Ice Villages with this fun seed.  The seed spawns the player directly opposite this fabulous looking village complete with Lanterns, Lecterns, Igloos and more. Credit to u/iseriouslycouldnt for this seed.

Seed: 87fh972h3797392

Seed 87fh972h3797392

This seed spawns the player on the Easterly edge of this sprawling Desert.  Head immediately West and you’ll find:

1 – A Desert Temple

2 – A Desert Village

3 – Another Desert Village

Bonus items include another Plains Village just East of spawn, and also an easily accessible Mansion a little more than 5K out at -832 / 5664.

Seed: 43545434rrr444444

Check out one of the newly styled Villages with this seed that spawns you right on the edge of a Spruce Village.  The best part of this seed though?  You’ll find a Mansion just 3600 blocks from spawn!

You can find the Mansion at -2032 / 3024, just head West from spawn.

Seed: -7925443052043114474

This seed offers a calm, peaceful starting point for a 1.14 world.  You’ll spawn in the above Plains Village and are cosily surrounded on all sides; a Roofed Forest encircling the Village in most directions.  

Seed: d3d3d3qasdf2412

That small Island right in the center of the image above? That’s spawn for this chilly seed.  For those who like an ease supply of Snow and Ice, this is the seed for you.

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