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Rift concept art by Reddit user EnderRift
Minecraft ideas

A new Minecraft dimension

After reading this Reddit post today my mind really started to whirr; EnderRift’s idea for an extra rift accessible dimension based on Dinnerbone’s recent explanation for Endermites is fascinating. Here’s the quote detailing their background: Whenever [Endermen] are teleporting, they’re…

End Golem
Minecraft rumors

New Minecraft mob coming in 1.13?

In this recent tweet from the official Minecraft account, a possible new mob has been teased. Naturally, this has spawned endless speculation on the Minecraft sub reddit. The current popular idea is that the new mob will be an Ender…

Dinnerbone avatar
Minecraft news

Minecraft 1.13 snapshots coming soon

Start the hype now! The following news about Minecraft 1.13 was confirmed on Twitter today by Java edition developer Nathan Adams: On 1.13: snapshots will start “soon” but please remember that 1.13 is a technical update, to improve the game….