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Jappa confirms resource pack for legacy textures

For those worried about the upcoming texture changes in Minecraft, likely around version 1.14, fear not! Confirmed today by Jappa, tasked with remaking the textures for the game top to bottom: Changing the textures! Except for a few, like the Creeper. Across all versions? YEP, both on Java and Bedrock. You cannot escape my sweet, […]

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Jappa confirms no new textures in Minecraft 1.13

Confirmed this week by Jasper Boestra, aka Jappa, no new textures will be hitting the game in Minecraft 1.13: 1.13 is a technical update, check out @Dinnerbone for more info about that! My textures wont be included. Jappa joined the Mojang team in 2017 and recently has been reworking the textures in the game, with […]

End Golem

New Minecraft mob coming in 1.13?

In this recent tweet from the official Minecraft account, a possible new mob has been teased. Naturally, this has spawned endless speculation on the Minecraft sub reddit. The current popular idea is that the new mob will be an Ender Golem – one that maybe somehow carries or connects to the players ender chest. The […]

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New shield blocking feature coming?

We all know how the Minecraft rumor mill likes to go into over drive; even on the smallest soundbite from one of the devs. With that in mind, and an effort to clear up a previous comment, Jeb today shed light on a possible new combat feature the team are interested in testing: Before this […]

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Minecraft 1.13 snapshots coming soon

Start the hype now! The following news about Minecraft 1.13 was confirmed on Twitter today by Java edition developer Nathan Adams: On 1.13: snapshots will start “soon” but please remember that 1.13 is a technical update, to improve the game. It’s not a big content update. All-around improvements. Performance for sure, but also engine updates […]

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Possible new blocks in Minecraft 1.13

O.k. it’s speculation for sure, but a recent Reddit thread saw a rareand vague comment from Grum which might give users hoping for new content in Minecraft 1.13 some hope. In response to a previous poster explaining that 1.13 will be a mainly technical update with no new content, Grum simply and cryptically added: Challenge […]

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Minecraft 1.13 is going to bring a smidge of server havoc, are you ready?

Just in case you weren’t clear on the upcoming chaos due to the release of Minecraft 1.13 Dinnerbone spelled out the upcoming changes clearly in a post today: We’re making one very big change that is necessary, cannot be avoided and will break every single command: changing almost every block/item ID so that we can […]

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MINECON is no more, long live MINECON Earth

As per the video above Mojang today announced an interesting change of direction for the massively popular offline MINECON event. Since the 2011 inaugural event held in Las Vegas (2010 if you count the modest 2010 meetup in Washington) the event has gone from strength to strength; taking in cities across the US and Europe, […]

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Grum comments on Minecraft 1.13 and general development

As is common on Reddit, threads often take tangential directions. In a thread yesterday Grum threw some light on the development of Minecraft 1.13 and possible future improvements that would make sense in the Java edition. First and foremost, the goal of 1.13 is *not* a performance update, confirmed by Grum himself stating: Where do […]

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Minecraft 1.12.1 released today

Minecraft 1.12.1 formally went live today, after being released as a quick pre-release snapshot a mere 48 hours ago. Given the extremely modest size of the update, Spigot also updated today too. Side note: Paper corrected this bug as of release 1168, five days earlier. Spigot server owners should take a serious look at Paper, […]