Quad witch huts in Minecraft 1.13

Quad witch hut seeds in Minecraft 1.13

One of the most popular seed requests for technical players are seeds with quad witch huts; that being four witch huts within activatable range of the player in a suitable AFK spot. These impressive builds can generate tens and tens of thousands of drops by harnessing vanilla game mechanics of Witch spawning. The result – […]

Minecraft 1.13 pre1 (Mojang)

Minecraft 1.13 almost here – pre-releases!

As of this week, Minecraft 1.13 snapshots are no more, now its time for pre-releases! What does that mean in simple terms? The full release of 1.13 is now just a week or two away more than likely. The headline items in the 1.13 Pre1 release are new bark top blocks and three new music […]

Mob elevator with no ice 1.13

Mob water elevator for 1.13

This simple and elegant mob elevator design could become an essential component of your Minecraft 1.13 worlds; the design by /u/Icohedron is simple, scalable and uses very little in the way of resources. In fact the design is completely iceless. The design relies on the new water column mechanic in Minecraft 1.13, specifically the use […]

Novigrad custom world map

Novigrad map now live on our server

Over on Reddit today I spied this amazing time-lapse of a custom built world known as Novigrad. It really is quite the build – purportedly taking 18 players a total of 6 months to create: Of course I didn’t want to just watch the gif, so while waiting for Minecraft 1.13 to release – I […]

Minecraft 1.13 dolphins

The final few snapshots of 1.13

Over the last week or so we’ve had four snapshots, and at this point, it’s looking like the Minecraft 1.13 pre-release will be here any day soon. 18W21A and 18W20A/B/C all mainly address bugs, indicating imminent completion of the snapshot phase. Aside from a huge list of fixes (see the links above) the main feature […]

Minecraft 1.13 - icebergs above and below water

Minecraft 1.13 snapshot 18W19A

Well, after a couple of weeks delay we’re back in action. Hold onto your hats, er, turtle shells – because Minecraft 1.13 is almost here. Over on the Mojang site toda, and as part of the 18W19A release, Adrian Ostergard confirms: We’re getting ready to do pre-releases soon and we’re working hard to fix bugs […]

Minecraft 1.13 buffet world generation using just one biome

Minecraft 1.13 snapshot 18W16A

Hot off the press, err keyboard, today – Minecraft 1.13 snapshot 18W16A. It’s a rather modest update that crushes a few bugs and tweaks a few elements of the impending release. The major addition in this release is the new Buffet Worlds option when creating a new world in Single Player. This oddly named feature […]

Dinnerbone avatar

Minecraft 1.14 – The Blockalypse?

As the release of Minecraft 1.13 draws ever closer, rumors about Minecraft 1.14 are of course inevitable. Yesterday on Twitter , Dinnerbone happily teased a major one himself: For some reason it was cut out of the @MineVention panel video so here’s me re-encacting it: Q: “What’s coming in the next update?” A: “I can’t […]

Minecraft 1.13 Blue Ice, Packed Ice, Ice

Blue Ice, Boats and warp speed

UPDATE April 19th 2018: This speed boost is largely nerfed in 18W16A – read more here: https://mine.guide/minecraft-news/minecraft-1-13-snapshot-18w16a/ Following yesterday’s release of snapshot 18W15A a new mechanic was quickly spotted; Boats on the new Blue Ice block travel at tremendous speeds. After some general speculation and experiments on Reddit I turned to the always reliable ilmango […]

Minecraft 1.13 dolphins

Minecraft 1.13 snapshot 18W15A

Wow, didn’t see this update coming along. I thought we we’re really headed into bug fix territory on the Minecraft 1.13 release now. Instead, today’s update, 18W15A adds in a ton of new items and mechanics to get to grips with. This update really is shaping up into quite the momentous release! Dolphins First up, […]