Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft 1.14 Seeds

Right now the Java version of The Village And Pillage update is still in the development phase.  If you enable Snapshots in your Minecraft launcher you can get to grips with the new feature and seeds early though. Here are some to check out:

Seed 0707070878789774444 - pillagers

Best Minecraft 1.14 Seeds – Villagers. Illagers. Pillagers.  And lost lots more.  We’re keeping track of some fun 1.14 seeds to get experimenting with. 

Minecraft Jungle seeds – This collection of seeds spawn the player directly inside, or on the edge of a Jungle Biome. Perfect for Pandas, Parrots, Bamboo, Cocoa and more.

Quad witch hut seeds – If you’re looking to make that perfect Witch farm design, these seeds handily have locations with four Witch Hut Structures within activatable range.

Seed -5705905382322022005
Seed -5705905382322022005

Seeds with every biome – A holy grail of sorts for many Minecraft players.  These seeds have every biome within relatively close range of spawn.  No need to travel to the ends of the known world to reach those valuable resources.

Survival Island seeds – These Island spawn locations make for fun Survival experiences, starting the player with limited resources and options. 

Minecraft 1.13 seeds – This collection of seeds highlights some of the new features that came to the game in 1.13: Shipwrecks, Ocean Ruins, Coral and more!