New shield blocking feature coming?

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We all know how the Minecraft rumor mill likes to go into over drive; even on the smallest soundbite from one of the devs. With that in mind, and an effort to clear up a previous comment, Jeb today shed light on a possible new combat feature the team are interested in testing:

Before this gets too much rumourmilled, I must admit I misunderstood the tweet slightly.
What we said in the meeting was that maybe tie shield blocking to the backwards button. I.e., you block as if it was a street fighter game. Another suggestion was that you would block with the sneak button, but that doesn’t work while riding on horses. So… as I said, we want to try some different things.

From both the Reddit comments and Twitter thoughts, it seems the team is positively considering these additions. Who knows, maybe something we might see in the upcoming 1.13 snapshots?


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