A glimpse at what’s next in Minecraft

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A post over on Reddit this week gives a few clues as to what we might be seeing next in the Java version of Minecraft. Details about what comes after Minecraft 1.13 are sparse, so who doesn’t love a little rumor.

Over on the Reddit thread in question, new Minecraft Java developer /u/rockenroll4life introduces himself, saying:

I can’t speak to the specifics of what I’ll be initially working on once I join, as I don’t know, however I hope to at some point have the opportunity to bring over some of the features that are currently only available in the Bedrock Edition. Having worked as a developer on the Bedrock Edition for 3 years there are definitely some features that I feel have a place in the Java edition that could enhance the experience for the game as a whole. That said, I’ll know more information next month once I officially start, but I hope to be able to share lots and lots of cool stuff with the community as things are developed. 🙂

Outside of that….I have lots of ideas I’d love to introduce into Minecraft that could both benefit Map Makers as well as the players themselves. We’ll see how things work out in that area. Haha.

When asked what his favorite features from the Bedrock edition actually were, rockenroll4life responded with a very enlightening answer:

The ability to move block entities via pistons and the ability to store both potions and dyed water in cauldrons. The first being something that would add something major for those who are more technical Minecrafters and the second just being something fun that could spawn some interesting builds centered around that concept. I can’t say it would necessarily be anything ‘revolutionary’ but the idea of it feels interesting to me.

That first comment would be a seismic shift for Java Minecraft. Making block entities movable via redstone contraptions would be transformative and spawn a huge wave of new and exciting redstone builds. Currently the game has the following block entities:

Brewing Stand
Command Block
Day light Sensor
Enchantment Table
End Portal
Ender Chest
End Gateway
Flower Pot
Mob Head
Monster Spawner
Trapped Chest
Redstone Comparator
Shulker Box
Structure Block

Imagine some of those as movable components of a redstone build, just think of the possibilities!


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