Snapshot 17w47b – first look at Minecraft 1.13 additions

Minecraft 1.13 new buttons, pressure plates and trapdoors. Credit, Mojang.
Minecraft 1.13 new buttons, pressure plates and trapdoors. Credit, Mojang.

Just in time to experiment with over the Thanksgiving weekend, snapshot 17w47b was released to the public; and with it, quite a few new blocks and tweaks under the hood you might not be aware of.

As Mojang dev’s have confirmed before , Minecraft 1.13 is mainly a technical update. As well as a number of behind the scenes improvements for future growth of the game – the removal of the game’s block limit is going to be the biggest (in my mind) change to the game in years. As well as the removal of the limit there are number of other tweaks and fixes that will be directly seen in Minecraft 1.13. Here’s a few of those you might not know about:

New pressure plates, buttons and trapdoors

Minecraft 1.13 new buttons, pressure plates and trapdoors. Credit, Mojang.
Minecraft 1.13 new buttons, pressure plates and trapdoors. Credit, Mojang.

This is why I believe this release is going to usher in a new golden age for Minecraft players – the (effective) removal of the block ID limit means Mojang can implement anything and everything that makes sense. There’s no need to pick and choosing how to use precious game limits. If there’s a logical reason for a block, there’s nothing to stop its swift introduction. With Jappa’s work on creating a consistent look and feel texture wise, I’m sure the whole team want to make the game consistent at every level; hence finally releasing unique wood variants of all the above items. At this point, it’s surely only a matter of time before every sensible slab and stair variant is coming down the pipeline too. And no, that doesn’t mean we should have pumpkin stairs and pumpkin slabs.

As ever, the community is already coming up with creative uses for these new blocks:

Thin walls and house:
Water barrel design:
Buttons can now be placed in different orientations:

Obtainable and craftable bark blocks

Minecraft 1.13 - bark blocks
Minecraft 1.13 – bark blocks
Minecraft 1.13 - new craftable bark blocks
Minecraft 1.13 – new craftable bark blocks

Woo! Each of the six wood types will now have a bark block that not only can you obtain, but you can craft too; presently using four logs in a 2×2 fashion yields three bark blocks.

Smooth block variants

Smooth stone block
Smooth stone block

Pretty huh. There’s currently no way to craft these, smooth stone is currently only available in Creative mode. However one of the updates to the games’s backend code means custom crafting recipes will become possible in Minecraft 1.13. Here’s hoping this cool block makes it into regular Survival too.

Smooth and cut sandstone variants
Smooth and cut sandstone variants

As well as the smooth stone, there will also be some tweaks to regular and red variant sandstone as follows.

Top, left to right: red sand, cut red sandstone, smooth red sandstone, chiseled red sandstone
Bottom: left to right: sand, cut sandstone, smooth sandstone, chiseled sandstone

Lastly, there’s also a new smooth quartz block too!

Place chests however you like

Mincraft 1.13 - chest fixes
Mincraft 1.13 – chest fixes

Such a small fix, such a huge improvement! For anyone who has ever crafted 100s of regular and trapped chests for bulk item storage, this will surely come as a massive relief. No longer will you have to waste time creating endless tripwire hooks for trapped chests. No longer will you have to make weird compromised design choices in your storage builds to avoid the trapped chests sending errant redstone signals. No! Now you will be able to place your regular chests however you please.

Other small tweaks expected in Minecraft 1.13

I say ‘expected’ as these snapshots are always subject to change. If something horribly breaks the game or Mojang decide to take a different path – some of these things can always change. Of course, most should see it to the final 1.13 release in some shape or form. Here are some other minor tweaks:

* Beds must now be supported by blocks underneath, they can no longer float in mid air
* Particle effects on block breaking relative to block size:
* Levers emit small redstone particles on use:
* Naturally spawning pumpkins are not carved, you’ll need to use shears for that
* Pumpkins and gates place like any other block now, they don’t require a block underneath to be placed
* Note blocks can now be moved by pistons
* Changes to hopper and anvil models allows player to click objects through/under
* Giant mushroom ‘stem’ blocks now obtainable with silk touch


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