Redstone performance fix coming in Minecraft 1.14

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Long term players will know the hair pulling experience of larger Redstone contraptions; the system has always suffered from less than stellar performance often a huge cause of lag. Despite community members like Panda4994 offering up radical fixes, the official stance from Mojang has been to largely overlook the problem. Until now…

Mentioned today over on Twitter, recent Mojang hire rockenroll4life suggested a substantial fix he recently wrote may come as early as Minecraft 1.14:

Here’s a couple stats from the performance test with regards to Redstone Wire depowering and the amount of Redstone Updates that are before and after the change. While still a lot more than is ideal, it’s at least a helpful improvement that didn’t require a huge refactor.

Possible Minecraft 1.14 redstone improvements metrics (rockenroll4life)
Possible Minecraft 1.14 redstone improvements metrics (rockenroll4life)

As you can see from rockenroll4life’s data above, the possible fix will see the amount of block updates decrease by as much as 47% in some cases. While not as dramatic as Panda4994’s own work, it’s suggested that the possible implementation won’t impact game mechanics at all. E.g. players will see the same expected Vanilla behavior, with 40% or more less overheard requirements.

If this does make it into the 1.14 release, I’m certain there’ll be a lot of happy technical builders!


  1. It’s too BASE performance dropped badly in 1.13.x and appears to have dropped AGAIN a ton in 1.14.x, especially block loading that can CRASH servers with 1 person on them that opens a new nether portal or a new portal out of the nether where the same server running 1.12.x did NOT have that issue.
    Looks like Micro$oft Disease (throw faster hardware at it is no longer POSSIBLE Mickey$oft!) has infected Mojang since the buyout.


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