Possible new blocks in Minecraft 1.13

Grum twitter avatar

O.k. it’s speculation for sure, but a recent Reddit thread saw a rareand vague comment from Grum which might give users hoping for new content in Minecraft 1.13 some hope.

In response to a previous poster explaining that 1.13 will be a mainly technical update with no new content, Grum simply and cryptically added:

Challenge accepted

I wouldn’t bet the bank on that two word quip by any means, but it does look like some sort of new content might see the light of day in the 1.13 release. We already know that the Minecraft 1.13 release will extend block ID’s and that Jappa is working on new textures.

Who knows, maybe Jappa is also working on textures for new slabs super secretly in the background; it wouldn’t be that difficult to add the half slab textures at the same time as redeveloping the corresponding full block texture. In fact it’s probably a perfect time to do it for consistency. With the block ID limit lifted substantially, adding new slabs would be a relatively simple affair – and quite possibly blow the minds of large parts of the community asking for this addition for years.

Watch this space…


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