No impending off hand changes coming

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Been paying attention to the community these past 48 hours? Freaking out about possible changes to how offhand works in the Java edition? Well, its not happening, at least not for the time being. Let’s just underscore that – NO CHANGES – relating to off hand are coming in the forthcoming Update Aquatic. Here’s Jeb’s clarification on the whole thing this morning:

Hehe wow, this blew up! The off-hand discussion… The main thing you forgot to mention was that I said this was NOT for Update Aquatic, but later in the future. I think I talked a lot about it simply because I like when things work more consistently (e.g. right-click always does what you expect). A system like this would even allow us to re-introduce parrying! 😉

In any case, nobody is working on this. It has only been discussed in the team twice (once at a workshop in Redmond and once with the team in Stockholm). This is why some comments from the dev team seem so confused, and it didn’t help I was off the grid because of Minecon, either.
Now the community has spoken, and we hear you loud and clear!

For future reference, it’s probably best to keep the pitch forks on hold until someone formal comments specially about an intended change 🙂


  1. That really does seem to be what the whole community is feeling; even though nothing was really planned from the sounds of it, does look like Mohang stopped and listened to everyone’s thoughts 🙂


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