New Minecraft mobs – only one will survive

Possible new Minecraft Mob. Credit, Mojang.
Possible new Minecraft Mob. Credit, Mojang.

Update: the winning mob was announced at the recent MINECON Earth event.

As first mentioned by Jeb at the start of the month, during MINECON earth, players will get the chance to vote for a new mob to be added to the game. Of the four available options only one will make it into the game proper (based on web and text votes. The other unlucky three? Gone forever to the mists of time, or down the back of Mojangs sofa perhaps. Or who knows, maybe three new Herobrine-esque mobs to lurk in the shadows…

Here’s Jeb’s initial overview, looking a little dev-video shocked wishing someone from marketing would shoot the vid no doubt:

Starting this week, Jeb is also running some teaser clips to preview the mobs in question, we will add them as the video’s surface

Mob A

A “monster of the ocean depths” that apparently attacks with tongue like tentacles to pull players down to a watery death. It spawns in deep waters and uses its large mouth to propel itself forward:

Mob B

A “monster of the night skies, a manta ray like creature” that apparently flies in the night sky, attracted to players that haven’t slept for extended periods.

Mob C

“The great hunger”, and so far the most interesting sounding mob to me personally. This cute looking mob with a huge mouth sinks into ground mouth agape waiting for passing mobs or items to consume (no word if players too!). This one sounds the most interesting by far, as Jeb references possible new game mechanics for this mob that could even perhaps add or remove enchantments to player’s own items:

Mob D

“The hovering inferno”, is for all intents and purposes just a souped up blaze. All in all perhaps the most disappointing of the four possible additions:


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