Minecraft 1.16 update revealed – Nether Update


Today at MINECON Live, Jens (Bergensten) announced what’s coming next to the game. Minecraft 1.16 will be known as the Nether Update. As part of this major release a whole array of changes are coming to the Nether. These look set to radically rework the whole Nether experience.

Biomes are coming to the Nether

Two new Biomes were confirmed for the Nether, but more where hinted at to follow later. The two confirmed so far include:

Soul Sand Valley – a soul sand bedecked Biome punctuated with blue fog, blue fire, stalactite and fossils. Any fire set in this Biome will turn blue.

Netherwart Forest – this new Biome will come in two variants, red and blue. The red variant has a dense vegetation that Agnes mentioned players getting lost in.

New hostile mob

Temporarily known as the the Piglin Beast, Mojang are asking the community to come up with a permanent new name for this warthog looking animal in the Nether. The beast is hostile to the player. More at redsto.ne/piglinbeast

Piglins will replace pigmen entirely, a completely new civilization that occupies the Nether. Piglins love gold and players will find chests with loot. If Piglins see a player open a chest they will attack. Piglins are also hostile to the player, the Piglin Beast and Wither Skeletons.

If the player wears Gold Armor they will be able to approach Piglins where they can Barter (a variant of Trading). Exactly what these new Barter trades will offer is yet to be confirmed. The mechanism to Barter will also differ to Villagers with Agnes hinting players might have to toss Gold toward the Piglin in order to Barter.

Here’s a preview video of the two new Mobs:

Food in the Nether

The first food source in the Nether comes via killing the Piglin Beast. The goal of the Mojang team seems to be to make the Nether a place possible to build a base and live in.

Biome vote winner

The Mountain Biome was confirmed as the winning Biome in the player vote. The reworked Mountain Boom will arrive in Minecraft 1.15 and will see: Goats, a new kind of snow and improved terrain generation that Jens promised would deliver a “more majestic feel”.

Target block

Unrelated to the Nether Update, a brand new Target block will be added to the game. This block emits different levels of Redstone power based on how close to the center of the target the player hits.


Random other items mentioned or confirmed:

  • There will never be complete parity between Bedrock and Java
  • The two losing Biomes in the vote will eventually come to the game at a later unspecified date


  1. In the mountains should be hostile Grizzlies. It should be easy to take the current polar bear and change its color to match the Grizzly Bear.

  2. Maybe make breaking blocks more realistic and more redstone stuff cuz I LOVE REDSTONE also I would like dyable wood stairs slabs doors fences fence gates ladders stone stone bricks end stone brick also I want every block to have slabs thanks for reading hope these get added


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