Minecraft 1.16 Biome Vote at MINECON Live 2019

Minecraft 1.15 Biome Vite (Mojang)
Minecraft 1.15 Biome Vite (Mojang)

Update: September 28th, see the winner of the vote here.

September 28th is the big day this year, the next installment of MINECON Live (previous MINECON Earth). Of particular note at the online event this year, Mojang are offering players the chance to choose which Biome will be updated next in the 1.16 release. The choices for players to vote on include:

  • Swamp
  • Mountains
  • Badlands

The winner will be revealed as part of the MINECON Live event amongst other new additions to Minecraft 1.16 – which so far already includes the new Bee mob with the related Bee Hive, Honey Bottle and Honey Comb additions.

Here’s the promo video for the event, expect preview videos to showcase possible Biome updates in the lead up:

And here are the various promo videos with possible new features as they come out:

Badlands – possible new features include tumbleweed, cactus variant and vultures attracted to loot

Swamp – Mangrove trees, boats with built in chests for storage at sea, frogs

Mountains – goats, jagged cliffs, changes to snow (possibly avalanche, collapsing)


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