Minecraft 1.14 updates sneak peek

Biome vote coming in MINECON Earth (Mojang)
Biome vote coming in MINECON Earth (Mojang)

This week saw the first official announcement of what we can expect to see in Minecraft 1.14 – Biome updates. Appearing on the official Mojang twitter feed was this video:

In the video, Jeb and LadyAgnes point toward September 29th, the date for the second MINECON Earth event. During the live online event players will be able to vote and decide on which of three biomes should see a big update; the biomes in question: Taiga, Savannah and Desert. The potential biome updates will look to refresh content such as mobs and structures.

As is the case with any announcement of upcoming changes, debate and discourse has been fierce. In an attempt to quell the flame storm, Mojang staffer /u/HelenAngel confirmed:

It will not be like last year where one biome gets updated but the rest don’t- instead the vote is just choosing which biome will get updated first but all of those biomes will get updated.

Which leaves as many questions unanswered as answered – what’s the point in voting if all three are planned anyway, are these the only updates, will the updates come over multiple versions? And of course, there’s plenty of the usual rumor mill at work too.

Lastly, another interesting comment from /u/HelenAngel on the same Reddit thread, in regards updates in general, confirming that Mohjang do look to the community and feedback for game improvements:

We absolutely do have the community “vote” on features through the official feedback site- feedback.minecraft.net Nearly every feature in Update Aquatic was taken from suggestions upvoted there. We also take suggestions from r/minecraftsuggestions We also have monthly suggestion brainstorms where we actively ask the community to give us all their suggestions on a particular subject or topic.


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