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Minecraft 1.14 latest news and updates

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a few more updates from the dev team on what to expect in Minecraft 1.14. First up, Java players (who this site is aimed at) won’t see the much vaunted holiday update in 2018. The so called holiday update (Pandas, Bamboo and Scaffolding) will be a Bedrock only update coming during the 2018 holiday period. Java version players will only see these features in the full 1.14 Village And Pillage release. Bah.

Minecraft 1.14 Snapshots coming soon

Oh well, if you do want to get to grips with some of the newer features sooner than later, Snapshots are mooted to start rolling out very soon on Java. A series of cryptic Tweets (here, here, here) by the Java dev team seem to indicate October 24th will be the first Snapshot date:

Lady Agnes previewing date? (Nathan Adams)
Lady Agnes previewing date? (Nathan Adams)

More Stairs and Slabs

With the block ID limit being removed in Minecraft 1.13, the explosion of available building locks has long been anticipated. This seems to be confirmed for Minecraft 1.14 by recent commentary from the devs. In the screenshots below you can see Diorite, Andesite and Granite stair blocks teased by Lady Agnes on Twitter; she also goes onto show a variety of new Walls too. In a Twitter thread Dinnerbone goes onto confirm that as many as 40 new blocks will be on their way in 1.14:

Dinnerbone confirms new 1.14 blocks (Nathan Adams | Twitter)
Dinnerbone confirms new 1.14 blocks (Nathan Adams | Twitter)

Those 40 new blocks are also expected to be made up as follows: 14 new slabs, 14 new stairs and 12 new walls (from further comments by Dinnerbone). A few other teases by Dinnerbone on Twitter include:

There’s also 1 other big inconsistency with stairs/slabs that I’ve not seen anyone really pay attention to yet. What’s the deal with Stone Slabs? They’re not stone! They’re smooth stone! (clearly, we need to make smooth stone obtainable in survival!)


Along with this, we have decided some internal rules on what blocks should have stairs, slabs, walls and fences in the future. We’re thinking that wooden blocks have fences, stone blocks have walls. Unfortunately, we already have contradictions – nether brick fences 🤔

Screenshots of expected new blocks

New stairs (Lady Agnes)
New stairs (Lady Agnes)

New 114 walls (Lady Agnes)
New 1.14 walls (Lady Agnes)

New 114 brick walls (Lady Agnes)
New 1.14 brick walls (Lady Agnes)

A few other random 1.14 items

Beta MCPE1 over on twitter discovered that the new Pandas really don’t like Thunderstorms at all. During the storms Pandas will cover up their eyes and start shaking:

Pandas hiding from thunderstorm in 1.14 (Beta MCPE1)
Pandas hiding from thunderstorm in 1.14 (Beta MCPE1)

Meanwhile over on Reddit, u/Tenguswordsman discovered Melons are probably coming to Village generation in 1.14:

Melons in 1.14 Villages (Tenguswordsman)
Melons in 1.14 Villages (Tenguswordsman)

Lastly, Reddit user u/blackdragon6547 shows how the new Scaffold blocks can be used to make really simple tables in Minecraft 1.14:

Tables in 114 now possible (blackdragon6547)
Tables in 1.14 now possible (blackdragon6547)

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