Minecraft 1.14 is here!


Today’s the day! After six months of ongoing snapshot releases, and with 32 snapshots in total (not to mention five pre-releases) Minecraft 1.14 is now out and ready for download. The release is known as the Village And Pillage update and introduces several major changes including:

  • Updates to Villagers, their trades, professions and functionality
  • Updates to Villages including their designs
  • Addition of the new Pillager that attacks and raids Villages
  • Several new mobs including Pandas, Foxes and Ravagers (Pillagers may ride them into battle!)
  • The introduction of a huge variety of new slabs and stairs for builders
  • The new Bamboo block can be used to create quick and simple scaffolding for big build projects
  • All new Vanilla textures designed by Jappa give the game a new, uniform look and feel

Of course those are just some of the updates, we have a full list over here. If you’re looking to leap right into the release check out our best seeds for Minecraft 1.14 article, a collection of quick seeds to immediately get to grips with some of the 1.14 features.

Also be sure to read our article on what you need to know about Villagers in 1.14, so you can get upto speed ASAP!

Here’s the promo video for the new release:


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