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Minecraft 1.14 Biome update previews

Over the last few days Mojang have started to tease this weekend’s global event – MINECON Earth. As its centerpiece, the September 29th streaming show will invite players to vote on what Biome they’d like to see updated next in the game. Through a series of three videos, Mojang’s Jeb and LadyAgnes detailed three possible updates to existing Biomes:

Desert: including the addition of Palm Trees and Meerkats

Taiga: seeking to add Fresh Berries, Campfires and Foxes

Savannah: adding in Baobap Trees, Termites and Ostriches

No word on whether any of those new trees will come with new wood variants or indeed any new general mechanics. Presumably more details will follow this weekend during MINECON, and hopefully we’ll also see a larger sneak preview of what Minecraft 1.14 will bring. Here are those videos in full:




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