Minecraft 1.13 snapshots coming soon

Dinnerbone avatar
Dinnerbone avatar

Start the hype now! The following news about Minecraft 1.13 was confirmed on Twitter today by Java edition developer Nathan Adams:

On 1.13: snapshots will start “soon” but please remember that 1.13 is a technical update, to improve the game. It’s not a big content update. All-around improvements. Performance for sure, but also engine updates to let us do cooler things later.

Adams – aka Dinnerbone – also confirmed that Minecraft 1.14 is already in the works as well – expect real content improvements to start entering the game as of 1.14:

After 1.13 we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled feature-creeps. 1.14 is already in the works!

That said, there’s still some small hope for a smidge of new content in Minecraft 1.13.


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