Minecraft 1.13 snapshot 18W19A

Minecraft 1.13 - icebergs above and below water
Minecraft 1.13 - icebergs above and below water
Minecraft 1.13 buffet world generation using just one biome
Minecraft 1.13 – mesa biome now named badlands

Well, after a couple of weeks delay we’re back in action. Hold onto your hats, er, turtle shells – because Minecraft 1.13 is almost here. Over on the Mojang site toda, and as part of the 18W19A release, Adrian Ostergard confirms:

We’re getting ready to do pre-releases soon and we’re working hard to fix bugs

Yup, we’re now in the final phase of what’s going to be one of the biggest Minecraft updates in recent memory. The full list of updates in today’s release can be found here, but at this point, we’re now mainly getting down to final polish and big fixes.

One of the notable headline changes in 18W19A include changes to the naming of multiples biomes as follows:

* Extreme hills -> “Mountains”
* Forest hills -> “Wooded Hills”
* Mesa -> “Badlands”
* Mushroom islands -> “Mushroom Fields”
* Mutated extreme -> “Gravelly Mountains”
* Mutated mesa -> “Eroded Badlands”
* Mutated savanna -> “Shattered Savanna”

As well as this, some other items include:

* Dolphin Grace effect – causes players to swim faster
* Heart OF The Sea – now generates in treasure chests
* All undead mobs sink, rather than bob around. For older style water elevators, you’ll need to use the new water mechanics to update designs: e.g. use soul sand to create a vertically moving water column.
* Skeleton horses now rideable underwater

It should be noted that updating older Snapshot worlds to 18w19a will cause some major issues – 18w19b is expected on May 9th tomorrow to fix this. Don’t update to 18w19a if you need to retain your world.


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