Minecraft 1.13 snapshot 18W11A

Minecraft 1.13 - the drowned mob
Minecraft 1.13 - the drowned mob
Minecraft 1.13 - the drowned mob
Minecraft 1.13 – the drowned mob

Things are starting to really heat up for the release of Minecraft 1.13, with the release of Snapshot 18W11A on March 13th. Shipwrecks, a new underwater mob, buried treasure and maps, tridents, coral fans and and and…there’s a lot to unpack in this release

Here are the full release notes for the main items:

We were big fans of coral, so we couldn’t resist.
Doesn’t spawn naturally yet
You can place it on the side of coral!

They’re called “drowned” for a reason!
Spawn in all oceans! And rivers too!
Zombies will also become drowned after, well, drowning
Drowned can spawn with tridents, allowing you to get them in survival
Their loot isn’t final – there’s a super secret item coming soon
They can swim but they prefer to walk
All drowned have a melee attack, and ones with tridents have a ranged attack
Like zombies, drowned don’t really like turtles that much

Can be found in oceans and beaches
Has 3 different type of loot depending on the ship!
May spawn with some air pockets, that’s a known bug. Sorry!

Minecraft 1.13 - shipwreck variant
Minecraft 1.13 – shipwreck variant

As ever there’s a lot of micro detail to understand about the snapshot. Some extra points discovered in this release:

* The trident can be used for spear fishing of sorts. Throw it to strike a mob underwater, it returns to the hand over and over. When the creature dies, the new water mechanics makes the drops slowly float to the surface for gathering.

* There is a baby variant of the new drowned mob, it can also spawn on a chicken in the water.

* The drowned mobs can spawn with a fishing rod in hand. They will try to come onto land at night to chase a player and will even hurl their trident at players on land, while they’re in the water.

* The drowned do not attack guardians and vice versa.

* Regular baby zombies now finally burn in sunlight.

* Shipwrecks can spawn in the oddest of places – between underwater caverns, lodged into the side of ocean monuments, even above water in some rare cases. They can spawn in various orientations too, from on their sides through to upside down.

Lastly here are some interesting seeds to check out new Minecraft 1.13 features:



As we mentioned previously, the Mojang devs are now headed off to the GDC conference. Expect the current flurry of Snapshot releases to sloooow way down now. Indeed Dinnerbone confirmed this is likely the last release for a few weeks. That said, the release is feeling fairly complete in terms of features at this point. It feels like the remainder of Snapshots will focus on tidying up bugs and polishing up the new elements. April-May 2018 release anyone?


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