Minecraft 1.13 snapshot 18W10A, 18W10B, 18W10C, 18W10D

Minecraft 1.13 tropical fish in warm tropical water
Minecraft 1.13 tropical fish in warm tropical water
Tropical fish now added to Minecraft 113
Tropical fish now added to Minecraft 1.13

A little early this week, but today sees the release of snapshot 18W10A. This release brings lots of color to underwater biomes adding in a variety of tropical fish and new coral textures.

Particularly cool is the effect on visibility of the underwater biome. Swim from a cooler biome into water waters for example and you’ll see better underwater as the visibility improves and coloration changes.

Minecraft 1.13 tropical fish in warm tropical water
Minecraft 1.13 tropical fish in warm tropical water

Notable release notes as follows:

Added buried treasure
Added tropical fish
Added underwater ambience sounds
Added ability to put markers on maps
Added coral plants
Changed phantom model and texture
Changes to phantom behaviour
Changed coral texture
Underwater visibility now changes per biome

Buried treasure
We found this cool stuff! Let’s hide it.
Can be found… somewhere?
Maps found in Underwater Ruins can lead you to them
Will contain a very cool treasure… which isn’t added yet

Tropical fish
We found nemo! And all his friends!
They come in many colours!
They come in many patterns!
Like other fish, you can catch them up in a bucket
You can find them in warm and lukewarm oceans

Live and dead corals in Minecraft 1.13
Live and dead corals in Minecraft 1.13

Update: March 7th

On Wednesday March 7th, 18W10B rolled out, adding the following changes:

Added dead coral for each coral variant
Added a non-dyed shulker box (and made the purple shulker box purple)
Added more underwater ambience sounds
Added tropical fish sounds

Update: March 8th

And the following day, Thursday March 8th, 18W10C rolled out, mainly starting to tweak water dynamics in the 1.13 release. Don’t rely on any of these as final implementations for water in 1.13. The developers will no doubt be taking feedback from the community and iterating as required.

You can place water in the following blocks: stairs, slabs, fences, walls, iron bars, glass panes
Water can flow out these blocks, but can not flow into them
When full of water, they will count as water blocks for all gameplay (such as swimming)
This isn’t final and more blocks may contain water in the future
Right now it will flow out of all faces of the block – this will change
We have removed the blocks flowing_water and flowing_lava
We have removed the block tags water_hacked and waterlogged
All of the above blocks now have a state waterlogged
Blocks such as bubble column or kelp will always count as a water source

Update: March 9th

Wheeee, and finally for Friday have one last snapshot to take into the weekend. 18W10D releases today and has the following changes:

Allow more blocks to have water in them
Water no longer goes through solid faces
Coral now generates naturally
Big optimization to how clouds are rendered
Phantoms now burn in sunlight
You can now undye shulker boxes in a cauldron

One of the busier snapshot weeks for sure, mainly due to many of the Mojang team decamping for GDC soon. If you want to quickly check out some naturally generating coral, generate a new world using either of the following seeds in the latest snapshot:




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