Minecraft 1.13 snapshot 18W08A and 18W08B

Minecraft 113 various fish
Minecraft 1.13 various fish
Minecraft 113 ocean ravine exposing diamonds
Minecraft 1.13 ocean ravine exposing diamonds

Another week, another snapshot. Lets call today’s release the “Ocean Snapshot”, as the list of newly implemented elements largely revolve around oceans, and by the looks of it, paving the way for other items to utilize them in the next release.

The existing boring ocean and deep ocean biomes have now been extended considerably. Minecraft 1.13 will feature a total of ten different ocean biomes. Oceans now have temperatures (frozen, cold, normal, lukewarm, warm) and also come in both standard and deep variants. As ever you will only find these new biomes in newly generated chunks. That said, in today’s release notes, Dinnerbone did allude to something coming to older regular oceans soon.

Minecraft 1.13 - new frozen ocean biome
Minecraft 1.13 – new frozen ocean biome

Also in today’s snapshot, some better underwater landscapes courtesy of new caves and ravines that will generate in all cone types (plus you will find ravines in deserts and mesas too now). Presumably by adding temperature to the ocean types, various sea creatures and elements will spawn based therein. Stay tuned for the next release!di

Update on February 22nd

Turtles and fish swimming in Minecraft 113
Turtles and fish swimming in Minecraft 113
Minecraft 113 puffer fish swimming
Minecraft 1.13 puffer fish swimming
Minecraft 113 various fish
Minecraft 1.13 various fish

And today we have the release of 18W08B which also adds in:

Added actual fish!
Changed natural water visibility
Removed water visibility part of the Water Breathing potion & Respiration enchantment
Warm and lukewarm oceans now have sand floors
Added recipes to turn dried kelp into storage blocks and back again
Removed deep warm ocean biomes, warm oceans can only be shallow now
Added new fish item icons!

As of this release a few more items to note in terms of game mechanics:

* Bubble columns pull fish down too
* A water bucket is needed to scoop fish up
* Pufferfish poison players when too close
* Pufferfish bloat up
* Cod, salmon and puffer fish can now be found swimming, more fish are expected
* Fish need water to live
* Water vision – you can see better the longer you stay underwater
* If you go back out of water, you’ll quickly lose your water vision


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