Minecraft 1.13 snapshot 18W07A

The Update Aquatic Turtles
The Update Aquatic Turtles. Credit Mojang
The Update Aquatic Turtles
The Update Aquatic Turtles. Credit Mojang

Turtles have officially landed! In today’s Minecraft snapshot release 18W07A, the following major updates from the Update Aquatic are all now ready to play. As ever, expect bugs and some of these features to be iterated and improved on before final release:

Added Phantoms (MineCon voted mob!)
Added Turtles
Added new swimming ability (sprint underwater!)
Added bubble columns
Added ability to strip logs
Added new trident weapon
Squids now shoot ink to defend themselves
Added new kelp and sea grass blocks
Items in water now float to the top
Added new prismarine stairs and slabs

One interesting item confirmed in the larger more detailed notes of the release refers to the new bubble columns as, “A good way to breath without cheating game mechanics ;)”. From that I think it’s safe to say the usual mechanic of using a torch underwater to reset breathing will be a thing of the past in 1.13. The same for using other items to create small pockets of breathable air. As of 1.13 it looks like the sensible adventurer will always travel with at least a few magma blocks to generate bubble columns on demand.

Cue the sound of a million complaints being hammered into Reddit about the change in game behavior…


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