Minecraft 1.13 almost here – pre-releases!

Minecraft 1.13 pre1 (Mojang)
Minecraft 1.13 pre1 (Mojang)
Minecraft 1.13 pre1 (Mojang)

As of this week, Minecraft 1.13 snapshots are no more, now its time for pre-releases! What does that mean in simple terms? The full release of 1.13 is now just a week or two away more than likely.

The headline items in the 1.13 Pre1 release are new bark top blocks and three new music pieces for the game, courtesy of C418 and titled:

Dragon Fish

Bug fixes continue to be issued at this point, but the change from snapshot to pre-release means Mojang likely considers the few remaining bugs non game breaking. Expect a few more release and then…1.13 final!

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