Minecraft 1.13 almost feature complete

Dinnerbone avatar
Dinnerbone avatar

As Minecraft 1.13 creeps ever closer to complete, today sees the release of the 17W48A snapshot. One of the biggest updates in the release is the addition of custom crating recipes loaded from data packs stored at:


Lets be clear, this is a huge change and one that will undoubtedly be felt far and wide. Right away I expect server owners will be looking at this change with excitement. Play on a SMP server where the end is raided to smithereens? No problem, the server admin can simply make a recipe for elytra and shulker shells as needed.

Also worthy of note is Dinnerbone’s confirmation that the release is almost feature complete, and is now basically big fixes:

There’s one more major change we hope to get in, otherwise it’s all polish & bug fixing.

No confirmation on what that feature will be, but speculation is that it will be modifyitem command expected to be coming to the game in this release (based off of Dinnerbone’s own past comments). Whatever the new feature is, that’s will be it for Minecraft 1.13 feature wise. From there on out, expect snapshots to focus exclusively on fixing those pesky bugs.

Speaking of which, this is a huge release, changing massive swathes of the game code. Expect snapshots and bug fixes to be extensive and keep iterating for some time to come. Those players expecting a Minecraft 1.13 release this side of 2018 are probably going to be disappointed.

Mojang has a history of not releasing major updates going into the holiday period. It’s a sensible move for standard releases, not least a huge game foundation changing update. My prediction is for snapshots to keep tweaking the 1.13 stability and bugs until Mojang formally get back from Christmas break with a release coming in the mid-late January 2018 period. That’s if things go well mind you. Depending on how the bugs and kinks work themselves out, a Minecraft 1.13 release could easily slide into February 2018 or even March 2018.


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