MINECON Earth 2018

MINECON Earth logo
MINECON Earth logo (Mojang)
MINECON Earth logo
MINECON Earth logo (Mojang)

This just in – the announcement for the second annual MINECON Earth event. The 2018 edition will take place on September 29th this year – go ahead and mark that in your diaries now. At this time so far out, details are of course thin on the ground, but here’s the official link and the first of what I am sure will be several promo videos:

For those new to MINECON Earth – this virtual conference idea started in 2017. MINECON earth took over from it’s former physical, continent hopping conference of years past in 2017. The goal of taking the event online: the old format allowed only a few thousand participants to attend; but online, everyone can attend! Well, everyone with an Internet connection on the day of the event. And indeed, failing that, streamed from YouTube at a later date.

It would be fair to say the inaugural year was patchy at best. An awkward mish mash of various content hosted by Will Arnett who looked equal parts confused and uncomfortable. Ultimately, it’s fair to say that many tuned in for simply the last 30 minutes; a short segment with Jeb show casing what was to come next in Minecraft. Hopefully Mojang up their game a little this year and learn from the clunkiness of 2017.

What’s safe to say now though is that Minecraft 1.13 will definitely release before September 29th! That’s as solid as any date you’re likely to hear today. Because at MINECON 2018 they’ll almost certainly be hyping up Minecraft 1.14. Stay tuned!


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