Jeb confirms new combat rebalancing coming soon

Jeb avatar
Jeb avatar

Even more incendiary than the current horse-gate controversey is the ongoing hand-wringing over PVP mechanics which have changed substantially over the past few years. Possibly adding more fuel to the fire then, these recent comments by Jeb

There will be new features that affect combat, yes. Watch the announcement during Minecon next week 😉

The small nod to definite changes came in response to some calm and sensible suggestions from Reddit commenters. Jeb made reference to some definite small tweaks, “low hanging fruit”, coming in future versions. Though as ever, left the exact details up in the air. That’s to be expected of course with next weeks inaugural Minecon Earth event. No doubt the whole Mojang team are excited to make this first ever global event a smashing success.

For upto the minute info, be sure to tune into Minecon Earth next week (November 18th). I’m sure I won’t be the only one waiting on lots of info about the coming 1.13 and 1.14 releases.


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