Grum offers future hope for Redstone fixes

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Redstoners will no doubt find some solace in this one. In response to a user’s pleas for more fixes in Minecraft 1.13, Grum dangled a sliver of future hope. Specifically the Redditor was asking if the well storied performance issues of Redstone could be attended to in the upcoming 1.13 release. Grum’s reply was enlightening:

No right now that is absolutely not the time to do that. There is a reason 1.13 is taking longer and that is not helped by taking on more work for it 🙂 We’ll get to solve that problem in a future update, but not 1.13.

The important part for me is that this issue is at least on the radar of the Java developers. Not just on their radar but seemingly acknowledged as an item that does need eventual attention. Long term players will know the issue well; Redstone triggers an insane amount of block updates for even the smallest of circuits – which in turn can cause unwanted game performance issues. The community has tried to address over the yers this with complete rewrites of the Redstone system available as mods or server plugins. Nothing of course beats native vanilla adoption.

I don’t blame Mojang for not wanting to roll another huge change into 1.13 as it is; I think some people are willfully ignoring how seismic 1.13 will already be. For SMP servers reliant on community developed engines like Spigot and Paper, many plugins will become end of life in 1.13. We’re really witnessing a huge epoch change – and one that I’m actually really excited for.

Why? Well, the better developed and supported plugins will continue to be updated for the latest Minecraft releases; but so many of the poor, insecure, ill advised, buggy and long past their sell by date plugins will cease to be. It will be a reset and adjustment period for sure, but an overdue one. Moreover, so much more functionality is coming to vanilla Minecraft in the way of JSON file controlled modification, we (server owners and players) can rely less and less on hacky plugins, that are great for 6 months and never updated again.


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