A new Minecraft dimension

Rift concept art by Reddit user EnderRift
Rift concept art by Reddit user EnderRift
Rift concept art by Reddit user EnderRift
Rift concept art by Reddit user EnderRift

After reading this Reddit post today my mind really started to whirr; EnderRift’s idea for an extra rift accessible dimension based on Dinnerbone’s recent explanation for Endermites is fascinating. Here’s the quote detailing their background:

Whenever [Endermen] are teleporting, they’re actually going through this extra dimension that has all this bad stuff in them, such as Endermites, and whenever they do teleport they leave some of this bad stuff behind

Who doesn’t love a little day dreaming, my own idea? To take this a little bit further lets riff on the famous Stephen King novel, The Langoliers. If you haven’t read the book or seen the film (which is pure 90s good and bad in equal measures) it shows a dimension where the history of the world is eaten away by voracious little monsters – The Langoliers. In this place that time moved on from, gas fails to ignite, food is stale and without taste, everything is slowly decaying and being consigned to the mists of time and the Langoliers sharp, pointy teeth.

Riffing on Dinnerbone’s idea for a sub-dimension, I think something similar could be great in Minecraft; in terms of canon this subspace would be the stuff that links everything together in the dark: the over world, the nether, the end. It’s what you travel through when you throw an Enderpearl and why you take damage, it’s what Endermen travel through, and why Endermites sometimes pop up.

A rift into this dimension would appear on an extremely rare basis; through the use of Enderpeals, portals or Endermen teleporting. And I mean rare. This should be an event that causes even seasoned players to react to opening with some excitement. Too often in Minecraft, game elements become commonplace with players reacting with a “seen that, done that, meh”.

Here’s a few things I think should happen in this dimension:

* Non persistence. This dimension generates randomly or maybe it’s built from a copy of somewhere in the world. E.g. the game takes a few existing chunks and copies them into this new dimension, but it’s not permanent. It’s created when the player enters the rift and is destroyed when they leave or die. The longer the player stays, the more this temporary dimension also decays. Visit multiple times and it’s always different.

Like the Stephen King novel, Endermites are the Langoliers, they scamper around this place, devouring whatever’s there; they also ignore the player unless attacked, after all they’ve more important work to do. You can’t build a base here and nor would you want to. Blocks start to disintegrate and deteriorate, trees drop their leaves, water turns to sand, sand to clay and on and on. Maybe there’s a final block state before disintegration that can be grabbed by the player as reward for visiting. Brought back to the over world, this decay block could have myriad uses.

* Decay is everywhere in this subspace. Food brought to the dimension goes stale quickly, and does little to help health. Fireworks won’t ignite. Flint and steel won’t light, lava fizzles out.

* Player decay. A players armor should also decay. Stay here too long and your expensive diamond armor will rot away to nothing. The penalty for staying in this dimension for extended periods is severe. Tools, items and finally player health should all ebb away.

* Rifts in this dimension should fizzle open and closed fairly routinely. Getting out should be simple if you need to leave. However, should you die within this realm, you’ll not respawn at your bed. You will respawn somewhere random in your game world (already generated chunks of course).

* Big risk, big reward. With this level of risk there should be a huge reward for attempting to take the dimension on. Some form of resource that’s non renewable for example (like the decay block above) . Given the rarity of the dimension and the decaying nature, there would be no way to farm any rarities found here. It would represent an ever present high risk/high reward even for end game players with maxed out gear.

Of course you could go wild with elements in such a dimension. What do you think?


  1. Maybe there could be an expensive block that requires fuel but can stabilize rifts. Perhaps the fuel could be the decay material, so you have to find a portal a second time to stabilize it. This way, you’d also have to enter the dimension fairly regularly to harvest decay blocks to keep the portal open. Since portals are rare, and probably decay quickly, you would have to carry some stabilizers and fuel with you at all times to surround and stabilize the portal. This could be balanced if done right.

    Or you just go in a room and spam ender pearls to manually generate a portal. That too. (Although this is a problem even without stabilization.)


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