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Quad witch hut seeds in Minecraft 1.13

One of the most popular seed requests for technical players are seeds with quad witch huts; that being four witch huts within activatable range of the player in a suitable AFK spot. These impressive builds can generate tens and tens…

Mob water elevator for 1.13

This simple and elegant mob elevator design could become an essential component of your Minecraft 1.13 worlds; the design by /u/Icohedron is simple, scalable and uses very little in the way of resources. In fact the design is completely iceless….

How to install Biome Bundle for Spigot

First things first you’ll need to get your Spigot server online. Check out our tutorial for installing Spigot on an OVH VPS; the OVH SSD VPS tier three can run Biome Bundle for a small group of players more than…

How to install Minecraft Spigot server on an OVH VPS

Running your own server and saving cash is easier than you might think! In this guide, we’ll go over how to install Spigot server on an OVH VPS which is one of the best server deals for Minecraft hands down….