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Minecraft 1.14 latest news and updates

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a few more updates from the dev team on what to expect in Minecraft 1.14. First up, Java players (who this site is aimed at) won’t see the much vaunted holiday update in 2018. The so called holiday update (Pandas, Bamboo and Scaffolding) will be a Bedrock only […]

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Redstone performance fix coming in Minecraft 1.14

Long term players will know the hair pulling experience of larger Redstone contraptions; the system has always suffered from less than stellar performance often a huge cause of lag. Despite community members like Panda4994 offering up radical fixes, the official stance from Mojang has been to largely overlook the problem. Until now… Mentioned today over […]

Minecraft 1.14 - Village And Pillage (Mojang)

Minecraft 1.14 reveal: Village And Pillage

Today’s MINECON Earth streaming event pulled back the curtain on what we can expect form the next version of the game – 1.14. You can expect 1.14 to be released in early 2019. Jeb and Agnes ran through the following new features that will be coming in this version of Minecraft: * The update will […]

MINECON Earth 2018 (Mojang)

Minecraft 1.14 Biome update previews

Over the last few days Mojang have started to tease this weekend’s global event – MINECON Earth. As its centerpiece, the September 29th streaming show will invite players to vote on what Biome they’d like to see updated next in the game. Through a series of three videos, Mojang’s Jeb and LadyAgnes detailed three possible […]

Biome vote coming in MINECON Earth (Mojang)

Minecraft 1.14 updates sneak peek

This week saw the first official announcement of what we can expect to see in Minecraft 1.14 – Biome updates. Appearing on the official Mojang twitter feed was this video: Let's change the world! During the MINECON Earth livestream on September 29, vote LIVE and help us pick the next biome we update with new […]

Coral Reef in Minecraft 1.13

Minecraft 1.13.1 released boosting performance

The much anticipated release of Minecraft 1.13.1 was finally released today. The laundry list of bugs addressed in this point release is massive (see below) and hopefully addresses many players concerns that the 1.13 release itself wasn’t quite complete. Arguably the most important improvement to the game as of this release though is performance. Multiple […]

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Survival Island Seeds

One of the most popular ways of starting a new Minecraft survival world is the ‘survival island’ style approach; seeing just how far you can advance from a humble island starting point. The following seeds are all great picks for that stranded desert island vibe – and are all Minecraft 1.13 confirmed. Seed: -1493912535 This […]

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Minecraft 1.13 seeds with all Biomes

600000222763165 This perfect seed for Minecraft 1.13 was found by u/Zodsmar. This amazing seed places every Biome within 1K of spawn! Here’s a shot from Amidst by Zodsmar showing the immediate 1K around spawn: If you’re looking for Structures, here are the most immediate to spawn: Structure X coord Z coord Blocks from spawn Mineshaft […]

Coral Reef in Minecraft 1.13

Minecraft 1.13 released

Woo! After a record breaking 10 pre-release versions of the game, Minecraft 1.13 is finally released as of today. If you load the launcher up today, the final release of The Update Aquatic will be there! Over on the Minecraft site, Adrian Ostergard writes: The tide is coming in at last! That’s sea-faring speak for […]

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A glimpse at what’s next in Minecraft

A post over on Reddit this week gives a few clues as to what we might be seeing next in the Java version of Minecraft. Details about what comes after Minecraft 1.13 are sparse, so who doesn’t love a little rumor. Over on the Reddit thread in question, new Minecraft Java developer /u/rockenroll4life introduces himself, […]